Brief History

M. A. Chidiac Studio started in 2012 as an animation studio. It grew up to be one of the most prominent digital production houses and design agencies in the region. Throughout the years, the studio attracted clients and partnerships from all over the globe.

About Us

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We just love what we do

Our key to success is a combination of dedication, love of what we’re doing and coffee, lots of coffee.

Who we are

M. A. CHIDIAC studio is a full service production house, visual communication and animation studio located in the heart of the cultural metropolis Beirut, Lebanon. Our studio consists of talented and award winning professionals equipped with the latest in production technology.

We love what we do, and bring enthusiasm and commitment to get everything done “just right”!

We take the time to understand your real business drivers, and respond sourcing from our practical wide ranging experience.

Our studio does not differentiate between a small and a big project. A project is simply a project. We handle it with dedication and integrity, gaining your confidence and long term trust by the second.


Our headquarters is located in the cultural metropolis Beirut. The geographical location and the creative background of the city helped us expand and create an international hub connecting us to partners and clients from all over the globe.


Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and audiovisual equipment, the crème de la crème. To us, it is considered more of a lab than a studio. A lab that helps us stay on top in our field.


Here's what we're good at


Complete production of traditional and CG animation. Including: character development, storyboard, animatics, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering.

Video Editing

Video editing including post production, visual effects, augmented reality, 3D projection and holograms.

Graphic Design

Digital and print design, including visual design, typography and layout design.

Architectural Visualization

Architectural rendering of proposed architectural design including: Still rendering, 3D walk through and fly by, virtual tours, photo realistic 3D rendering, realtime 3D renderings, panoramic and renovation renderings.

Web/App Development

Full development of websites and mobile/tablet applications. Whether it’s for Apple IOS, Android or any other mobile platform. From simple website apps to action packed PEW PEW PEW games.

Online Marketing

We improve the conversation happening between you and your customers. We also make sure your ideas reach more people through social media analysis and strategies.

Our clients

We pride ourselves with the diversity of our clients' list, from local to regional and international.

Our clients include:


A Glimpse at what we do

Work with us

Feel like you got what it takes to join our team? Send your CV and portfolio to You can also check our social media pages for job openings.

Internship Program

If you are still a student or a fresh grad, you can join our internship program. Send your CV and portfolio to and we’ll let you know if there are available places.


Do good and good will come to you

We are keen to giving back to the community. We do so by implementing and participating in social and cultural projects and activities that serve to improve our society. We move beyond words and into action, making a harmonious coexistence with the earth and society our responsibility. We also implement a healthy office environment by making the most of natural light, utilizing solar energy, maximizing computer efficiency and going paperless when possible.

“Animation over Coffee or Tea” is an annual workshop that we hold at our studio. During the workshop, we tend to come up with a project or a campaign and execute it from A to Z in order for everyone attending to have a clearer idea about how the creative industry works. Check out our blog and social media pages for news regarding our next workshop!

Check out our blog for news, activities and some behind the scenes! Click here access our blog.


Questions? We are here to help!

You can contact us through the form below. You can also email us at or call us on +961 1 315557.

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